So you have finally decided to visit Las Vegas and probably do not know where to start outside of the obvious… gambling.  You are probably wondering what you are going to do with your time other than gambling all day.  The answer is… pretty much anything you want. 

Just as the US is a melting pot for different types of people, Vegas is the melting pot of all of the activities you could probably think of, and then some you could never imagine.   Whether you are going for the first time or have traveled to Vegas multiple times, there is always going to be something new to try.

Whether you are a thrill seeker and want to jump off of a building or a foodie who is content with their feet on the ground, trying all forms of new cuisines, you will always find something that peeks your interest. 

I hope that this site can give you some insight into everything to do in Vegas, especially if it is your first time.  I will try to give you honest reviews of the vast amount of activities and share some tips and tricks for saving money while you are there.  Hopefully the money you save doesn’t go to the house. 

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